IDW adapts Schreiber’s Chasing the Dead into a thrilling new series

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Chasing the Dead is a 2007 supernatural thriller novel by Joe Schreiber.  Schreiber has written several genre novels including Star Wars: Red Harvest, Star Wars: Death Troopers, Star Wars: Darth Scabrous, and Supernatural: The Unholy Cause, as well as No Doors No Windows, Eat the Dark, Perry’s Killer Playlist, and Au Revoir Crazy European Chick.  IDW Publishing writers Matthew Scott and Tim Westland have begun to adapt Schreiber’s Chasing the Dead into a monthly comic book series.

Chasing the Dead  takes readers for a very intense ride.  We meet Susan Young, now separated from the man she married who was a childhood friend.  They both shared a secret, and now their secret has impossibly returned and their daughter is now thrust into what reads like a suspenseful horror movie plot.  A 13-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl are playing at a park in a town that has a rash of child murders.  A strange car slowly pulls up and instead of another abduction the little boy grabs a knife and strikes back at the attacker, killing him, but not before noticing something unworldly about the killer.

Tomorrow Issue #3 is being released and we’re previewing the first seven pages below.  Want to get caught up?  Keep reading for an overview of Issues #1 and #2, and why you might want to check out this series.

Twenty years have passed and Susan is wrapped up in a stressful career.  She is one year beyond her husband walking out and she receives strange phone calls from a man she does not recognize. Her sitter and daughter where there just minutes ago.  Then she receives a phone call that pulls her into circumstances she never expected–standing in a snowstorm at the site of the burial of the attacker from her youth.

Chasing the Dead cover 3

Chasing the Dead works well adapted to graphic novel form. Much like Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s creepy rural noir Revival series or even Terry Moore’s even creepier back from the dead Rachel Rising, Chasing the Dead is cinematic and compelling.  Dietrich Smith’s pencils and inks are perfectly suited for the non-stop action of this story.  More thriller than horror, it will suck your breath away as you follow along at the beginning of this perilous journey of a mother trying to save her daughter with the help of no one. What is behind the glowing eyes of the man from 20 years ago and what has brought this all back now?

In Issue #2 a visitor appears, sent by Susan’s husband.  On the evening of the summer solstice she is following a map from her daughter’s abductor, hiding the visitor in the van with her and two dead bodies.  And the visitor is there to tell Susan not to continue–exactly what she can’t do if she has any hope of getting her daughter back alive.  Why does every stop have a strange statue nearby?  What power does the visitor’s spooky poem have over the abductor?  The town of Gray Haven apparently is a bit like Stephen King’s town of Haven from The Colorado Kid and Syfy Channel series Haven–supernatural elements turn the world of the inhabitants upside down, triggered by the importance of timing.

Chasing the Dead, Issue #3, hits comic book stores tomorrow, January 16, 2013 and here is your preview (click on each image for a larger view):

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Ask your comic book store how to get your hands on back issue copies of Issues #1 and #2 so you can get caught up on this exciting series.

C.J. Bunce

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