New trailer, six movie clips from RoboCop

Waking up RoboCop

Columbia Pictures and MGM released an electronic press kit today chock full of footage from the new RoboCop movie starring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman.  We’ve also got the latest TV spot promoting the film about one of our favorite borg heroes.  If you haven’t yet determined if this latest remake of a classic sci-fi flick is for you, here’s the TV spot and six scenes from the movie to help you decide:

TV Spot

Movie Clip #1

Movie Clip #2

Movie Clip #3

Movie Clip #4

Movie Clip #5

Movie Clip #6

It’s great to see Michael Keaton is his signature frantic ranting style. And the action scenes look like something out of a video game. RoboCop hits theaters February 12, 2014–what better flick to take your Valentine to?

C.J. Bunce

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