Planet Comicon 2014 — Day Three

Trektacular 2014

Planet Comicon 2014 wrapped today, bringing to close the region’s biggest and best comic book and pop culture convention ever.  The best was saved for last with the TREKtacular reunion of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members hosted by William Shatner, including a surprise visit by John deLancie.  Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner did not disappoint a sold out crowd in the giant ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center.  For those attending this once-in-a-lifetime event that did not purchase one of the 100 limited edition exclusive artist signed TREKtacular prints, a few may still be available.  Contact Reinke Arts on Facebook for more information.

Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis
We talked with Michael Dorn about his real-life jet fighter flying experience and Marina Sirtis said she loved today’s editor’s cosplay choice (so did Return of the Jedi’s Femi Taylor!).
Lee Majors panel
Lee Majors was a superb storyteller, catching up panel attendees on his recent TV series work, and delving into his stunt work on The Fall Guy (where he performed 80% of his stunts) and The Big Valley. He also discussed the success and appeal of The Six Million Dollar Man to fans.
Bionic Man action figure
We resurrected last year’s Convention costume of The Six Million Dollar Man action figure, which we wore meeting The Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner, at Planet Comicon 2013, complete with jumpsuit, patch, plastic hair, data chip arm tattoo, bionic eye, and trademark Adidas Dragons.
Meeting Lee Majors
A kid’s fantasy come true–meeting your childhood hero, Lee Majors, who called me his “double” and said he thought the outfit and plastic hair was cool.  He also autographed the photo that was sent out to kids in the original fan club set in 1974, signed then by “Col. Steve Austin.”
With Zoie Palmer at Planet Comicon 2014
With Zoie Palmer from the Toronto-based TV series Lost Girl, the great Syfy Channel series we have reviewed previously here at
With Margot Kidder at Planet Comicon 2014
With Margot Kidder, Lois Lane from the 1970s Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.
Aquaman and Mera
Aquaman and Mera, Queen of Atlantis.

Two Toys at PC 2014
Just two classic toys found at Planet Comicon 2014, the Bionic Man action figure and Rainbow Brite.
Darryl McDaniel DMC
Who knew we were going to get a full-on rock concert at a comic book convention? Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniel belted out his classic “Walk This Way” and “Tricky”. Too, too cool.

C.J. Bunce


  1. It killed me that I couldn’t get to meet Lee Majors this year but I live so far away (Nova Scotia) and money was tight, for a very good reason. I bought Richard Anderson’s gold framed Oscar Goldman sunglasses that he used for the entire series from him via Profiles In History, and the full size Prototype Exploding Briefcase that Kenner made for the toy line. They gave it to him when the line was ready for the shelves. You’re outfit was amazing! Where did you get that plastic hair?? I so want to do that costume! Thanks for this post. 🙂 Dh

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