More photos from Planet Comicon 2014

Planet Comicon 2014

Another Planet Comicon is behind us, but we have some more photos to share, of celebrities and cosplay and other fun.

Wil Wheaton at Planet Comicon 2014
Wil Wheaton signing at his booth, returning for his second show in Kansas City.
Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner attended his first Planet Comicon this year and had long lines of fans his entire stay.
Jewel Staite
For Firefly fans, the biggest hit of the show was an appearance by Jewel Staite.
The guys with the Back to the Future Delorean asked me to pose in their car. Something about a character played by Sylvester McCoy in a time machine…
McCoy and cart
Speaking of McCoy, each day he began his day by umm… liberating a cart and taking it for a spin around the hall.
McCoy and staff
McCoy hadn’t seen the Weta replica of his Radagast staff before and really liked it, although he accidentally broke the blue jewel (oops). He said he had used only two originals of the staff in the films.

And more cosplay…

Avatar cosplay
With the Avatar alien.
Porco Rosso
A first? Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso cosplayers!
With Steampunk Vader
Hard to get much cooler than a steampunk Darth Vader.
1940s Millennium Falcon pilot
A cool twist, a pilot from the Millennium Falcon, if the Falcon was a B-17 from WWII.
Steampunk Superman
Steampunk Superman played by Matt Merback from Pendragon costumes.

C.J. Bunce

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