Jumping-on point—Detective Comics, Icarus, Part 1

Detective Comics 30 cover

With so many on-going monthly series in the DC Comics New 52 universe, it’s sometimes difficult to find an entry point into the DC Comics titles because of continuing story arcs.  If you’ve dumped one or more titles and want to get back in, where do you start?

One entry point for you may be Detective Comics, Issue #30, the beginning of a new story arc titled “Icarus.”  In this first chapter we don’t learn what Icarus is, but we do meet up with an interesting Batman, moving on past the death of son Damian.  We also meet Elena Aguila and her daughter Annie, a motorbike daredevil who looks like she’s cut out to be the next Robin.  Similar to one of the main story threads in the Arrow TV series, Elena and Bruce Wayne are forging an alliance to restore the welfare of the citizens in the community of Gotham’s East End Waterfront District.

Detective Comics 30 Manipul

Replacing Wayne’s plans to commercially develop that area of town, and the likely deals with businessmen in Gotham City that he is going to need to cancel to do it, will no doubt create some enemies for Wayne in the process.

The creative team from The Flash are working together again on the new Detective Comics story.  Francis Manapul serves as both co-writer and penciller, inker, and watercolorist, while Brian Buccellato is co-writer and colorist for the series.  The result from this unique concept is a solid Batman story.  From Manapul’s excellent cover to the interior art and good beginning narrative, the “Icarus” story is set up to be a good read.  I am also a fan of Manapul’s Batman renderings—a very classic look that has some elements of style from both Jim Lee and Mauro Cascioli.

Detective Comics, Issue #30, is available at comic book stores now.

C.J. Bunce

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