Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future return to theaters

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last year Cinemark Theaters created their own event series similar to the great Fathom Events limited re-releases of classic films.  Last year’s series included American Graffiti, Animal House, Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Ghostbusters.  Spread out over five weekends, younger audiences have an opportunity to watch these modern classics the way they were meant to be seen, on the big screen, to–as the 1970s re-release of Star Wars advertised–“See it again for the first time.”

This year’s roster is a tad shorter.  Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing are returning (hey, there’s something for everyone).  Plus, John Travolta and an awesome Bee Gees soundtrack can be found with Saturday Night Fever.  Both The Godfather Part 1 and Part 2 are showing, too (make sure you’re well caffeinated for that six-hour double feature).

Cinemark 1 banner

But the big draw is the return of Raiders of the Lost Ark to the big screen for two days only, June 1 and June 4, 2014.  Trust me on this one:  You ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen the best adventure film of all time on the big screen.  It’s a completely different experience.  I just wish they had a double feature with Jaws!

Cinemark 2 banner

Check out the Cinemark Theaters event website here for participating theaters and the all-for one price details for those wanting to watch all six movies.  Times and dates are included in the photos above.

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