Pi Day, Archie Comics, and this weekend’s Party on the Pillar 2

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Never before has a confluence of events ever pointed to you needing to be at one place at one moment.

First, this Saturday is March 14–the annual Pi Day.  If you’ve forgotten all you learned about math, check out this great website here to catch up.  In brief, Pi is a number that makes it easy to calculate the area and volume of circles and cylindrical objects.  Not only is this year’s Pi Day–“3/14” or March 14–a day for math aficionados to celebrate all things mathematic, this year Pi Day has one of the magical numeric events that technically allows everyone to experience a moment of Pi at once but to its infinite digits past the decimal point.   It’s because of the 15 in the year 2015.  It’s something that happens every 100 years.  Pi is 3.14159265 plus a gazillion other digits.  So on March 14, 2015, at 1:59 a.m. or p.m. for a split second it’s Pi time.  Does Pi have any practical application affixed to a calendar date and time?  Heck no!  But any excuse to party…

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And of all weeks this week Archie Comics is celebrating Pi with a digital comic book featuring Jughead and his love of pies.  Pi and pie just goes together, right?  Add to that, Archie Comics has a new “Giant Comics Party” issue coming out this week, too–just in time for Planet Comicon–the show that blew the walls down at the Kansas City Convention Center at Bartle Hall last year with the biggest Saturday turn-out of any event at that venue–ever.  (After the break, check out two previews of the two new Archie comic books, courtesy of the guys at Archie Comics).

Which brings us to this weekend’s “Giant Comics Party” at Planet Comicon: Elite Comics’ Second Annual Party on the Pillar, located of course at the giant pillar within the Kansas City Convention Center.  Get thee to Planet Comicon March 13-15, 2015, and check out all the great comics (thousands of ’em), toys, shirts, and other collectibles Elite Comics and all the other great vendors at the Con have to offer.  What better place to celebrate Pi Day?

Here’s your preview of the new Archie books:

Jughead 1 Jughead 2 Jughead 3 Jughead 4 Archie Giant Comics Party issue Archie 1 Archie 2 Archie 3 Archie 4 Archie 5 Archie 6

Check ’em out from Archie Comics this week.

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