First look–Hugh Laurie in Disney’s Tomorrowland

Hugh Laurie in Tomorrowland

Last month’s teaser trailer for Disney’s Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney, didn’t give us much to go on.  If you missed it, check it out here.  It seemed like another gimmick to get people into a theme park.  Then they released the new full-length trailer for the summer 2015 release.

And they had us at Hugh Laurie.

How did we miss that Hugh Laurie was going to be in this, as some apparent high-level ruler of the futuristic Tomorrowland, accessible by a small push-button pin?

Hugh Laurie Tomorrowland

It appears like it could have some good sci-fi/fantasy elements:  An unexpected package like Ben Affleck found in Paycheck.  Or a useful totem like those found in the great short-lived sci-fi series, The Lost Room.

After the break, check out the new trailer for Tomorrowland:

It doesn’t look bad at all.  And since Funko got the license for the film, that also means we get a Hugh Laurie action figure coming our way.  Custom action figure makers: you will now have a pretty good likeness to make your own Dr. House.  Awesome.

Hugh Laurie Reaction Funko Tomorrowland figure

Tomorrowland is scheduled for release in theaters May 22, 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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