Your next project–Polar Lights’ giant 1/350 scale Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Polar Lights Ent 1701A A

If you’ve been waiting to build your own Star Trek Enterprise model until the right kit came along, we think we found what you’re looking for.

Entertainment Earth is now featuring on its website the Polar Lights/Round 2 1:350 scale model of the premier ship of the Star Trek line and fan favorite: the Enterprise NCC-1701-A.  We’ve previewed the kit and think it’s the most incredible Enterprise ship on the market for modelers of all skill levels.  At a ginormous 35 inches long when fully assembled it is bigger than the smaller filming model of the ship used in the movies.  Highly detailed with parts and decals to identify the final project you build as either the Enterprise NCC-1701 refit from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, or the Enterprise NCC-1701-A from Star Trek IV to Star Trek VI, this kit will be a fun build for anyone age 10 and up.

Ent 1701 A close up A    Polar Lights Ent close-up

Just check out the detailed photos of a completed build (above).  The model includes more than 150 parts, molded in white, as well as a sturdy display base.  The instructions, downloadable for previewing here, provide a list of all recommended paint colors, and show the “Aztec” decal patterning provided and the decals for both the 1701 refit and 1701-A.  Of course, more advanced modelers may want to paint each element from screencaps at Trekcore instead of using the Aztec decals, or even go all-out and light it up with LEDs or other lighting method.

The biggest win with this kit is the detail, particularly the visible interior cargo and docking bay.  You have several display options, and the Polar Lights/Round 2 website even includes instructions to build your own separate display to show-off the docking bay details.

Just look at this movie screencap of the cargo bay (center and left) and hangar at upper right:

Cargo bay matte by Andrew Probert

…and the completed model detail work of the cargo bay to the left and hangar bay to the right:

Polar Lights hangar bay

And more detail of the completed hangar inside the model:

Shuttle Bay close-up

Better yet, compare the exterior shots of the model with the actual 100-inch original model used in the movies, that sold at a Christies auction in 2006 for $285,000:

Christies Enterprise 1701 A

And here is the actual 22-inch model used in the movies that sold for $50,000 in the same auction:

22 inch Enterprise model from films

Check out modeler websites here, here, and here for some fun options by people who have built and further customized this kit in some incredible ways.

1 350 Enterprise 1701-A box

So what are you waiting for?  You can find out more and pick up your own kit here at Entertainment Earth.

C.J. Bunce

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