Boldly go where no dog has gone before–in style

Captain Flint red alert Enterprise chair

Red alert!

They have watched every Star Trek series and episode right along with you.  So why not let them lead the way on the next mission?

You can now get your own Captain’s Bridge Chair in the style of the original Enterprise NCC-1701, for your best friend.  And heck, maybe your cat would take to it, too.

Original series Star Trek command chair dog bed Entertainment Earth

The chair is 32 inches wide by 27 inches long and features a cozy… erm… “officer-style” faux-suede fabric, a smart gold-embroidered delta shield insignia, and embroidered command panels and buttons on each arm.  Officer thinking!

Captain Flint is in command Enterprise dog bed
Heading, Mr. Chekov? Second star to the right, and straight on til nap time.

The chair is made by The Coop, formerly known as A Crowded Coop, a Pacific Northwest-based creator and marketer of licensed consumer products focusing on pop culture for people and pets.  And it’s available through Entertainment Earth at this link.

Kirk in captain chair
Note how uncomfortable Captain Kirk looks because his chair was not made of faux suede.


Ever wonder what happened to Captain Kirk’s original chair from the series?  That most sought after Star Trek set dressing piece was owned after the series wrapped by show producer Bob Justman.  It was sold at auction for $304,750 in 2002 to Paul Allen for his Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, where it has been on display to the public.

Flint Enterprise Captain Kirk Chair
Captain Flint digging the Captain’s chair.

Note how well the arm switches and intercom match the original chair used by William Shatner.  They’ll help your pooch boldly go anywhere–in style.  These chairs sell out temporarily from time to time, but Entertainment Earth will ship these when stock becomes available.  Our own Captain Flint has given the Captain’s Chair pet bed his own paw of approval.

C.J. Bunce

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