SDCC 2015 News–Abrams and cast show sneak previews from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Chewbacca SDCC 2015 preview

So how can you possibly select the best image from Friday’s sneak preview of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at San Diego Comic-Con?  Really, so many quick glimpses seem to reveal too much too soon.  We now seem to know what everyone will look like, and you can almost begin to piece together scenes and plot lines from the teaser, the trailer, and more than three minutes of previews shown in the Hall H panel at SDCC 2015 yesterday.

Watch the entire sneak preview below.  But first, let’s look at all these great shots from the preview.  It’s the original cast of characters that brings back those memories of seeing Star Wars for the first time.  And the set decoration.  C-3PO in front of the war room glass as we once saw him and Princess Leia long ago.  A certain Wookiee and his pal Han back in the Falcon.  Princess Leia giving someone a talking to, like she did back on Hoth or Yavin.

TIE Fighter down Star Wars Force Awakens SDCC 2015

Then there’s the new.  The remnants of a TIE-Fighter.  An X-Wing pilot named Poe taken prisoner.  Some Jabba’s palace-style denizens.  The new droid.  And stormtroopers everywhere you turn, one with a torch weapon like those that took out Uncle Own and Aunt Beru.

Check out stills from the preview and then watch it all below:

 R2-D2 Star Wars preview SDCC 2015 C-3PO SDCC Star Wars 2015Star Wars Carrie Fisher Princess Leia SDCC 2015 previewHan Solo Harrison Ford SDCC 2015Millennium Falcon SDCC 2015Stormtroopers SDCC preview 2015 Firetrooper Star Wars SDCC 2015Stormtroopers SDCC preview 2015 reelStormtroopers SDCC 2015Poe Stormtrooper SDCC 2015 preview

Star Wars panel SDCC 2015

After the panel in Hall H, JJ Abrams invited the entire house of 6,000+ to a symphony concert of Star Wars film music.  Let’s see… do I stick around for the Kevin Smith panel or go to the concert?  It may have been the first empty panel at SDCC in Hall H history.

Come back later for more previews and news from SDCC 2015.

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