Photos from Day One of Kansas City Comic Con 2015

William Binderup Pam Grier KCCC 2015

The first ever Kansas City Comic Con began yesterday afternoon at the Kansas City Convention Center at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.  Thousands of fans met hundreds of creators of comic books, fiction, cosplay, and other creative pursuits.  Many fulfilled dreams to meet celebrities of TV and film both new and from the past.  Comic book conventions are all about spending the weekend with like-minded fans of anything and everything you could conceive of fitting between the sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero genres.

The first day was full of con-goers getting the lay of the land–getting sketches commissioned by their favorite local or nationally-recognized artist, getting in the front of the line to meet a host of celebrity guests, and getting the first selection from the great volume of dealers at the show.  Helping out everyone were the yellow shirt-garbed “henchmen”–a well organized group of ambassadors that handled everything with a smile.

Bunce Pam Grier KCCC 2015
You can’t beat a day when you get to meet one of the coolest women in the history of cinema.  C.J. Bunce with Pam Grier.

Guests included Pam Grier, star of dozens of movies in the 1970s as well as TV and film roles since, and in particular the lead role in Quentin Tarentino’s Jackie Brown.  Ms. Grier is everything you’d hope for in such an iconic actress, and she had plenty of stories to share with fans Friday.  She also hosted a special screening of Jackie Brown after the show at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater.  Attendees received an exclusive Jackie Brown print signed by Ms. Grier.

Jedi KCCC 2015
Nalini Krishan and Orli Shoshan arrive for the opening of KCCC 2015 Day One.

Nalini Krishan and Orli Shoshan signed photos for fans and participated in photo ops, as did other media guests.  Ms. Krishan and Ms. Shoshan were featured as Jedi Knights in the Star Wars prequels.

Elizabeth C Bunce KCCC 2015
Author Elizabeth C. Bunce in steampunk cosplay.

Your humble editor spent the day with author (and writer) Elizabeth C. Bunce at Table 617 in the convention’s Artists Alley.  As much a part of comic conventions as print media creators and celebrities are cosplayers, and plenty could be found in the convention halls.

Trek Guys KCCC 2015
Even with the annual Shore Leave convention in the Northeast and Star Trek Con in Las Vegas, KCCC 2015 has its own loyal Star Trek fan following.

And did we say creators?  Never has Kansas City seen so many comic book creators in one place, including Bryan Timmins and wife Julie, previewing images from their upcoming series Monster King:

Bryan Timmins KCCC 2015

And D4VE writer Ryan Ferrier with KC cosplayer Liz Nelson across the aisle:

Ferrier KCCC 2015

And that’s Topps trading card artists Nathen and Keven Reinke talking with visitors about their sci-fi, superhero and fantasy film artwork:

Reinke Arts KCCC 2015

Hey, that’s Christina Frederico setting up at the Elite Comics mega-booth:

Frederici KCCC 2015

Oh, and that’s Pym Technologies’ Dr. Hank Pym (as interpreted by Michael Douglas in this summer’s hit film Ant-Man):

Hank Pym CJ Bunce KCCC 2015   Hank Pym Michael Douglas

Come out and see us this weekend!

C.J. Bunce


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