First Kansas City Comic Con nets big weekend turnout and plenty of fun for all

Sean Astin CJ Bunce Elizabeth C Mimosa Bunce KCCC 2015 Kansas City Comic Con

We could stop after just the above photo with actor Sean Astin, but we won’t.  Kansas City Comic Con broke the mold this weekend, setting up a fun environment for thousands of attendees to get a major league dose of pop culture fun.  You could meet icons of classic movies, like Pam Grier (1970s action film star), classic TV, like Butch Patrick (Eddie, from The Munsters), from current hits like Game of Thrones (Kristian Nairn), and classic 1980s video games (Billy Mitchell of King of Kong fame), to kids’ favorites (Power Rangers’ August St. John), classic British TV (Doctor Who’s Colin Baker), and megahits like The Lord of the Rings (Sean Astin) and Star Wars (Nalini Krishan and Orli Shoshan).

Creators from the Star Wars universe could be found everywhere, from current Marvel Star Wars writer Jason Aaron, to artist icon Michael Golden, to Disney-era Star Wars artists Bryan Fyffe and Joe Corroney.  Creators from several major licensed characters could be found with Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Jai Nitz, Greg Smallwood, and Tony Moore.  And then there is Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck from the superhero sphere of classic comics.  Phew!  That’s a busy weekend.

Rick Howland KCCC 2015 Kansas City Comic Con

We had a great time with Rick Howland, star of Syfy Channel’s Lost Girl, which only recently wrapped its final episode.

Here’s writer CW Cooke talking with attendees at his booth…

CW Cooke KCCC 2015

… and here is artist Bryan Fyffe with a great display of his artwork…

Bryan Fyffe KCCC 2015

Cosplaying Middle-Earth, your editor (the wizard Radagast the Brown) and author and writer Elizabeth C. Bunce (Hobbit Mimosa Bunce of JRR Tolkien’s novels) joined a roving band of cosplayers from the Springfield area…

Lord of the Rings cosplay KCCC 2015

…and of course, Sean Astin, star of The Lord of the Rings as Frodo’s loyal friend Samwise, as well as classic films like Goonies, Memphis Belle, and Rudy, could not have been a classier and engaging guest at Kansas City Comic Con, sharing stories with fans young and old–and we’re pretty sure if we’d had an extra Hobbit costume he would have joined right in…

Sean Astin Kansas City Comic Con 2015 Radagast Samwise Mimosa Bunce

Plenty more cosplay could be found around the walkways of Bartle Hall Saturday.  Superheroes…

Superhero cosplay KCCC 2015

And their friends…

Evil Supergirl zombie cosplay KCCC 2015

…and even warriors from Attack on Titan…

Attack on Titan cosplay KCCC 2015

More to come as Kansas City Comic Con wraps its last day Sunday.

C.J. Bunce

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