BTTF Week–A preview of Bob Gale’s new Back to the Future series

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Tomorrow–on Back to the Future Day–IDW Publishing is releasing the first issue of a new Back to the Future comic book series, spinning off of the films and written by trilogy writer/creator Bob Gale.  Below we have a preview of the series courtesy of IDW as well as several variant covers from Issue #1 and next month’s Issue #2.  All-in, the publisher is releasing 34 retailer incentive variant covers for the premiere issue.  The standard covers for Issues #1-4 will form the above image.

Issue #1 provides two stories of Marty and Doc’s past.  The first story in the series takes us back to October 1982, where we get to witness Marty McFly’s first encounter with Doc Brown and his dog Einstein.  It’s a lighthearted and believable tale–consistent with the characters we know so well.  The second story takes us farther back to Doc Brown’s past–to World War II and Doc Brown’s encounter with another famous scientist and his big project.

BTTF var 6   BTTF var 1

It’s hard to beat the black-and-white, original art style, retro-cover variant.  And is offering its own great variant of Marty seeing Marty at the Twin Pines Mall (later Lone Pine Mall).  Enough waiting!  Click this link to download the preview to Issue #1:

Preview to Back to the Future, Issue #1

And here are more covers!

BTTF var 3

Issue #1 interior artwork is by Brent Schoonover, David Witt, and Dan Schoening.  John Barber and Erik Burnham co-wrote the scripts with Bob Gale.

BTTF var 4   BTTF var 2

BTTF var 7   BTTF var 5

Pick up Back to the Future, Issue #1, tomorrow, Back to the Future Day, at comic book stores everywhere.

C.J. Bunce

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