Sci-Fi Block and Smuggler’s Bounty–Two new box services coming soon for sci-fi fans

Sci-Fi Block Doctor Who

Catching up with the fun, genre-tailored grab bags like Loot Crate and Comic Con Box, two new box services beginning soon will mean you will have four major monthly genre-themed services to choose from.  We reviewed past Loot Crate and Wizard World’s Comic Con Box offerings earlier at here.  Our conclusion from a review of a few months of each of those boxes was that these may be for you depending on (1) how much you want to spend, (2) whether you like surprises, and (3) whether you have a broad interest in genre swag.

Friends we know who regularly subscribe to these box services tend to trade or sell items, or have friends of different interests they can give items to as gifts.  You can save money by committing to three months at a time, with Loot Crate this gets you a discount, and with Comic Con Box you can get an extra, exclusive variant comic book.  The biggest draw of box services generally is the exclusive swag.  Comic Con Box includes random gifts like autographed photos.  The two latest boxes, Nerd Block’s Sci-Fi Block and Funko’s Star Wars themed Smuggler’s Bounty also stress the exclusive swag that will be coming to their subscribers.

Smugglers Bounty

So what will you get?  It’s a surprise–You don’t find out until the box arrives.  But, the types of content in the boxes will be similar.  T-shirts, action figures, toys, comics, you name it, it might be included–as long as it can fit in the shipping box.

Nerd Block says its Sci-Fi Block will include 4-6 collectibles, plus one exclusive T-shirt.  It’s $19.99 per month (less if you subscribe to multiple months) and with your order you get a free surprise Nerd Block shipped to you.  Nerd Block has teased that the first Sci-Fi Block includes something from Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and possibly Doctor Who and Terminator.  Subscriptions for the first Sci-Fi Block are still available–the subscriptions are limited.  Check out their website here for more information and to subscribe.

Sci fi Nerd Block

Unlike the other services, Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty will ship every other month.  The first Smuggler’s Bounty box will include two subscriber exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, including one figure already announced: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ new female villain Captain Phasma with chrome armor, plus apparel, accessories, and more.  It’s $25 per month plus shipping and taxes and claims to have a $50 value in products.  Check out their website here for more information and to subscribe.  Unless you’re reading this in the early hours of Friday morning and subscribe fast, you’ll be signing up for the second box released by Funko due out in January 2016.

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