Super Bowl 50 ads are online, so you’re free to watch Puppy Bowl XII

Arnold Mobile Strike

Unless you’re watching the Super Bowl to actually see the game today, you can find all the commercials online today, freeing up your schedule to watch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching this too-darned-cute puppy outing for twelve years now.  Catch it throughout the day today on Animal Planet.  Get more information, including how the event is helping animals, at the Animal Planet website here.

Many of the ads from today’s game have been released already, so take a peek at a handful of them below.

As with past years, commercials airing during the Super Bowl featuring dogs seem to be the winners, although Kevin Hart has a pretty funny entry in his Hyundai ad, and we could watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Mobile Strike ads all day long.  Snickers is doing their thing again, this time with Willem Dafoe, and look for Christopher Walken in a car ad.  Also come back later for expanded movie trailers from what is previewed below, including one from the fifth Jason Bourne movie.

Puppy Bowl XII

Enjoy your chicken wings, and don’t forget your Tums, Rolaids, Gaviscon, etc.

Heinz weiner dog ad


Skittles with Steve Tyler

[deleted from YouTube by ad company]




[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Full Ad

[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Hyundai ad with Kevin Hart

[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Honda sheep singing Queen

[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Doritos dogs

[deleted from YouTube by ad company]



[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Gods of Egypt


Alice Through the Looking Glass





Eddie the Eagle


The Jungle Book (teaser)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (teaser)



[deleted from YouTube by ad company]


Mobile Strike (long teaser)


C.J. Bunce

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