CBS releases new teaser for the next Star Trek TV series

Star Trek 2017 TV Series Logo

It’s not much but the first teaser for the next Star Trek television series could be telling.  It features the new logo for the series, which doesn’t air until 2017, following the 50 year anniversary of the original 1960s series.  It features familiar notes from the classic Star Trek theme, and a journey through the stars similar to the footage that accompanies the end credits to the J.J. Abrams movies.

CBS presents a new adventure.  New Crews.  New Villains.  New Heroes.  New Worlds.

The “New Worlds” shows an attempt to return to the series’ roots, the search for strange new worlds.  But it’s the plurals that may be sharing some of what fans have been after.  New Crews?  So will this be a series of one-shot episodes?  A series of multi-episode story arcs?  An all-out anthology?  The reboot Battlestar Galactica offered up a reasonably successful spin-off following another vessel’s exploits.  Is that the kind of story the new producers are working on?  Or will each season follow another strange new world and crew?

We still know nothing about the sixth Star Trek series, but fans are hopeful.  Check out this first teaser for the series:

We’re expecting the first story to take place between the last we saw the original Star Trek crew around 2293 and the beginning of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 2364.  Bryan Fuller begins production later this year.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country director Nicholas Meyer will be on the writing team with the reboot movies’ Alex Kurtzman in a producer role.  Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod will be lending his name to the credits to give the show the original series creator’s seal of approval for the fan base.

The first episode for the new Star Trek will air in January 2017 on CBS, with the rest of the episodes airing on CBS’s new All Access streaming service.

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