Diamond Select retro Mego-style Star Trek action figures return with bridge playset

Mego retro bridge diamond select

For those fans of the original Star Trek series who remember playing with the classic Mego action figures decades ago, the image of the classic Enterprise bridge playset brings back plenty of memories in this 50th anniversary year of Star Trek.  Thanks to Diamond Select Toys and Entertainment Earth, those who never completed their collections now can fill in gaps with reintroduced action figures, or build their own collection from scratch for a new generation.

First off, the bridge is back, complete with all the features of the classic playset.  Interchangeable view screens, vanishing transporter room–it’s made from vinyl and cardboard construction, designed in the original fold-up style with carrying case.  And it’s created for the original and new 8-inch cloth-uniformed figures.

You can also pick up three 2-figure sets of the Mego-style figures.  Choose from Mr. Spock and original series-style Khan from the episode “Space Seed.”  Or check out the brand new sculpts for a background Red Shirt security crewman and Cheron from the episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.”  This Cheron has reversed coloring compared to the prior version released by Diamond Select.  And the Red Shirt is issued in two versions, one with brown or black hair, plus officer markings.

0004123_star-trek-tos-retro-cloth-spock-khan-action-figure-asst_300   Sulu and Gorn

The third action figure package includes a Gorn from the episode “Arena,” and Lieutenant Sulu.  Like the Cheron and Red Shirt, these sculpts have never been released before.

Pre-order the Enterprise bridge playset here, Spock and Khan here, the Red Shirt and Cheron here, and the Gorn and Sulu here, all from Entertainment Earth.

Red shirt and Cheron    0001696_star-trek-tos-retro-cloth-kirk-klingon-action-figure-asst_300

All the action figure sets include resealable collector clamshell packaging.  Entertainment Earth is taking pre-orders now with shipping expected this month.  Keep an eye out for a Captain Kirk and Klingon set, expected to be released later this year.

C.J. Bunce

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