Cosplay–More photos from KCCC 2016

KCCC 2016 Mystique and Beast    KCCC 2016 Predators and Liv Moore

The third day of Kansas City Comic Con wrapped with attendees making last-minute purchases, obtaining remaining autographs and photos with celebrities and cosplayers, and picking up sketches and comic books from the hundreds of creators on site throughout the weekend.  No doubt the weekend was a success for vendors, and visitors had a great time.

And as promised yesterday, we have more photos from the weekend.

It wouldn’t be a Kansas City Con without a merry duo of those Nausicaan cousins, the Predators.  As with prior years Elizabeth C. Bunce (above) hunted them down, this time as iZombie’s Liv Moore (seriously, this keeps happening–check this out).

What makes for great cosplay?  Surprises.  Characters that are classic or iconic that you’ve never seen before are a real treat.  Like this spot-on Beetlejuice cosplay–Wynona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz:

KCCC 2016 Beetlejuice and Liv Moore cosplay    KCCC 2016 Joker and Liv Moore cosplay

Superb!  And while we’re in 1980s mode, wait ’til you get a load of this:  We spotted the very best Joker cosplay we’d ever seen, Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the 1989 Batman movie (above).

The rest of the cosplay we singled out mainly followed the superhero genre.  Like the dynamic indigo X-Men duo pictured under the headline above.  We’ve seen Mystiques before but this was the best constructed outfit and Beast’s make-up was excellent.

We saw two great Wonder Woman outfits, first from the new movies and then a classic comic book variant:

Wonder Woman cosplay    KCCC 2016 Wonder Woman cosplay

It’s always fun to see another Quicksilver and Silk Spectre:

KCCC 2016 Quicksilver cosplay    KCCC 2016 Silk Spectre cosplay

Here’s our friend Jennifer Forrestal’s Alice in Wonderland White Queen and a new Groot at the show this year:

SDCC 2016 White Queen and iZombie    KCCC 2016 Groot and iZombie

Mad Max’s Furiosa returned from last year’s show, and a Suicide Squad Deadshot could be found walking the floor:

SDCC 2016 Furiosa    SDCC 2016 Deadshot

Our favorite of the weekend?  Probably this Rey, who even constructed an excellent staff:

KCCC 2016 Star Wars Rey Luke Force Awakens cosplay kansas City comic con

I followed up Day Three in Star Trek: The Next Generation medical officer fatigues, and met some great people with a local Star Trek club taking donations for Harvesters.

KCCC 2016 Star Trek cosplay

We’re looking forward to next year’s convention already!  Thanks to Matt Driscoll and Justin Cline–and dozens of the friendliest volunteer “henchmen”–for another great show.

C.J. Bunce

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