Kansas City Comic Con 2016–Day Two

KCCC 2016 X-Wing pilot and Luke

Kansas City Comic Con 2016 kicked into high gear today at the Kansas City Convention center at Bartle Hall.  Probably the largest assemblages of writers and artists in the region, literally several hundred with tables on display, are coming back once again today to share their work with fans.  The big themes this year seemed to be 101 fun variants of Deadpool, Suicide Squad Harley Quinns walked every aisle with the classic version sadly absent, some great Wonder Woman cosplay creations, and Star Wars was alive and well.  I can’t wait to see what cosplay comes after Rogue One is released in December.  I’ve seen plenty of professionally crafted costumes of Rebel pilots but the above X-Wing fighter pilot from The Empire Strikes Back was the best I’ve seen, built by the cosplayer’s older brother.  Below are more photos with Star Wars cosplayers–come back tomorrow as we round out even more great cosplay we saw this year at the show.

On a personal note, I had a one-of-a-kind day today walking the floor as Luke Skywalker with his pal R2-D2, a fully-functional radio-controlled droid perfectly re-created by Chris Rice from the KC R2 builders group.  There was no doubt about the joy brought to Star Wars fans young and old as we walked the floor and stopped for photos.  It was among the most photos and hugs I’ve been apart of since cosplaying in Kansas City and a great feeling to spread around and share with others, from little kids wanting to hug R2 to adults wanting to share in a photo.  What a strange thing to get home and learn of Kenny Baker’s passing away at 81.  Elizabeth and I were lucky to meet him and his wife years ago.  What we all shared today at KCCC was a real tribute to Mr. Baker and the character he helped to create and the enduring legacy of Star Wars.

KCCC 2016 Castle Creations and Luke
With Padme, Leia, Mara Jade and Obi-Wan from Another Castle Creations.
KCCC 2016 Luke and Rey
Luke and Rey–are they related? We won’t find out until 2018. What a great Rey!

We also caught up with friends and met some celebrities…

KCCC 2016 Forrestal and Nowak
Nicholas Forrestal and Thaddeus Nowak in authors’ row chat about their novels with attendees.
KCCC 2016 Zombie Run
Will we or won’t we? She’s all decked out for it–Elizabeth C. Bunce learns more about the next KC Zombie Walk for Hunger.

Famous people!  We got to chat with Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek) and Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Black Swan) and get some photos…

KCCC 2016 Ksenia Solo
Now that we’ve met Ksenia Solo we’re met most of the cast of Lost Girl at Kansas City conventions. She has two movies in the works! And she might be returning to Orphan Black.
KCCC 2016 Nichelle Nichols
We first met Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols at a convention in June 1999, and didn’t get a photo with her so we made sure we did this time!  What a lovely lady!

And one last Star Wars photo for today with a young padawan…

KCCC 2016 Jedi Training
What kind of training? JEDI TRAINING, SIR!

Come back for more from Kansas City Comic Con here at borg.com tomorrow, and if you haven’t made it to the show get out there today–tickets are available at the door.

C.J. Bunce

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