Book review–Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch–A Visual History

Review by C.J. Bunce

Wizards of the Coast and Abrams ComicArts have come together to give Magic the Gathering trading card game players something they haven’t seen before, a high-end art book visual history of the game.  It all begins with Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch–A Visual History, the latest of Abrams’ books highlighting the artwork of the best-known trading card series.  More than 25 years ago Magic the Gathering became the first ever trading card game, and this volume looks back to the Planeswalkers.

The first superhero-esque team of Gatewatchers is all here like you’ve never seen them before: Jace Beleren–the telepath with a mysterious past, Ajani Goldmane–the ferocious leonine, Gideon Jura–the reformed criminal who became a protector of the meek, Kaya–the rogue dualist, Chandra Nalaar–the pyromancer, Nissa Revane–the elf warrior and protector of nature, Liliana Vess–the necromancer, Nicol Bolas–the oldest Planeswalker, and Teferi–the formidable mage.   The book includes character histories and images of the actual cards, but more than that you’ll find concept art, original artwork created for the game, packaging art, and images only available in exclusive releases in the past.  If you loved specific cards and always wanted to see larger looks at the card art, this is your chance.

Each character is represented in dozens of images in roughly 30-page feature sections for the six primary Gatewatch characters, beginning with over-sized images of the character cards, plus a large section of combined Gatewatch imagery.  The highlight for fans of the game will be seeing cards they’ve never had in their hands before, but it will also be seeing the full artwork before it was cropped for the card.

Check out these preview images:

The variety of art media include painted art, comic style art, character mock-up sketches, and pencil and ink renditions of these characters, each styled in unique interpretations.  The book editors also included references to each artist that created the piece, with hundreds of artists featured.

Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch–A Visual History is now available for the first time in a 244-page, full-color, hardcover edition, similarly sized to Abrams’ previously released trading card chronicles, with a glossy jacket and beautiful full-color art inside the jacket by artists Kieran Yanner and Raymond Swanland.  For all fans of Magic the Gathering, order this collectible book now here at Amazon.

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