Preview–Marty McFly meets a new Autobot in mash-up series, Transformers/Back to the Future

Review by C.J. Bunce

A DeLorean time machine Transformer?  It’s like some kind of concept 35 years stuck out of time.  And yet, the future is now–again.  Back to the Future is back in the present, this time with Marty McFly stepping into another future, a future taken over by Transformers’ Decepticons.  It’s a great mash-up idea and it actually works, as envisioned by IDW in its new mini-series, Transformers/Back to the Future Issue #1 is now in comic book stores, and today we have a preview for borg readers.

The great Scott of this story is writer Cavan Scott, who partners with artist Juan Samu and colorist David Garcia Cruz to deliver a completely authentic Back to the Future visual vibe in a planet of Autobots and Decepticons.  It’s a celebration of 35 years of Back to the Future, complete with a new Autobot–Gigawatt, the DeLorean-turned-Transformer.

Thanks to Hasbro marketing, it’s not just a comic book character, but a transforming action figure/car in the Transformers Generations toy line–you just might need to track one down in the aftermarket as it’s already sold out (WalMart is selling one its website says ships in January here).

As with any good franchise tie-in, the first issue comes with several variant covers, including work by Samu, Phil Murphy, Dan Schoening, Hugh Rookwood, Livio Ramondelli, and a photo cover of the toy.

The first issue offers up some easily recognizable characters in a parallel world of familiar situations.  It all begins at the end of the first film in the trilogy.  Take a look at this preview, courtesy of IDW:

Pick up the first issue of Transformers/Back to the Future now at Elite Comics or your local comic shop, or pre-order the trade edition here at Amazon, slated to publish in Spring 2021.  The first issue is a win, and it looks to be a fun new series.

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