Wilderness Kit–Run through the jungle with new D&D Dungeon Master tie-in set

Since the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons launched in 2014, Wizards of the Coast has been offering plenty of great tie-in products to enhance the gaming experience, many under the heading of Dice & Miscellany.  The latest tie-in is available in game shops and here at Amazon this week, the D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen Wilderness Kit Whether you’re exploring the jungles of Chult, sailing through Saltmarsh, or navigating the frozen frontier of Icewind Dale, the D&D Wilderness Kit will help you through it.

The DM screen is designed for adventuring in harsh wilderness, including tables for weather, foraging, navigation, food and water needs, ship speeds, and more.

The kit also includes a dry-erase hex map of 100 blank hexes, numbered for easy reference.  A dry erase Journey Tracker is also included for tracking progress, encounters, supplies, and more.

You also get a laminated “Actions in Combat” sheet for new players to reference and keep up with key D&D rules with handy reference sheets for Wilderness Rules and Chases.  And you get illustrated punch-out cards of all fourteen conditions, nine cards to help track initiative, and four cards featuring the rules for exhaustion and extreme weather conditions.

All-in that’s the DM screen, dry-erase hex map, a dry-erase journey tracker, three perforated sheets with 27 punch-out cards for tracking initiative and referencing conditions, a card storage box, two laminated reference sheets for Actions in Combat and Wilderness Chases, and one Wilderness Rules sheet.

In the era of a pandemic, D&D Virtual Play Weekends are one way to get involved in D&D play.  Check out the Wizards of the Coast website here for more information–this weekend is on the calendar.

Order the D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen Wilderness Kit now here at Amazon, shipping for November 17, 2020, delivery, or contact your local game shop for availability.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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