Retro fix–1960s classic series The Munsters gets a Kenner-scale action figure debut

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The Munsters have arrived in collectible toy lines before, but none who could hang out at the Death Star or Mos Eisley cantina and mingle one on one with your other action figures.  So it’s kind of a big deal for the 1964-1966 classic horror comedy series to be getting its Kenner-scale debut this month from toymaker Super7 and its ReAction line.  How would you design a line of figures from this famous monster family?  All black and white?  Grey tone?  The new sculpts and packaging seem to be the best of both worlds, providing a bright yet spooky look, along with some fun, displayable packaging.  We first previewed the prototypes of the new figures (shown below) here at borg in February 2020 before the world ground to a halt.  Note that the packaging art has been updated. 

Check out the final designs below.  You also can order all three figures from the new line via the below links.

Fred Gwynne’s affable Herman comes with his lunch box from the show introduction scene.

RE-Munsters_Herman_card_2048_2048x2048   RE-Munsters_Herman_Figure_2048_2048x2048

Lily’s cardback looks less like Yvonne De Carlo than the prototype–possibly resulting from a licensing modification.  The use of color looks very well done.  Her accessory is a candlestick.

RE-Munsters_Lily_card_2048_2048x2048 (1)   Munsters_Lily_Figure_v1_2048_2048x2048

Grandpa comes complete with Al Lewis’s trademark smile.  He includes test tubes and a beaker, and is adorned with a black vinyl cape with a red faux lining.

RE-Munsters_Grandpa_card_2048_2048x2048   Munsters_Grandpa_Figure_2048_2048x2048

All have a common reverse cardback and figures are consistent with Super7’s other 3.75-inch 5 points of articulation figures.


Look for the first of the Super7 action figures available now at this link at Amazon, or pre-order at a slight discount from Entertainment Earth here, scheduled to ship later this month.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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