Would you like to play a game? Industry association reveals toys your kids will be after this summer

Not-for-profit industry group The Toy Association, which was founded in 1916, announced the “Spring & Summer 2021 Influencer Choice List” this week, which highlights 30 of their predicted “hottest” toys and games.  The list features a broad array of subjects, targeted to kids of a variety of ages and interests, as well as price points.  Dolls, stuffed animals, familiar franchise characters, educational and even health tie-ins, craft toys, indoor and outdoor toys, exercise toys and quiet toys, and just plain good fun.  There’s even some new takes on classic toys, from toy trucks to an ICEE machine.

We’ve highlighted a few we’d like to try out–see the photos.  Take a look through the complete list and see what you think will be the most fun.  

Learn more about The Toy Association and its selection process here.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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  1. That’s a nice varied list, and it’s no surprise that Grogu… What am I saying, Baby Yoda, appears twice on the list – it seems like almost everywhere you turn he’s staring you in the face… Although it’s not a surprise, he’s just so cute!
    2 things I’m glad to see making their way on to the list are the eco-stuffed toys, which are getting better all the time, and from working somewhere which has a gift shop I can confirm that many of these eco-products are actually cheaper to buy than their virgin material alternatives, so I think those are only going to become more popular! And for the second, I’m a big fan of Playmobil so it’s cool to see that on the list, especially with that iconic camper! Have you seen their new Back to the Future products? They’re SO nice.

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