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Titan Comics is running a 12 Days of Venom event, and for its fifth day today at borg we’re revealing an exclusive look inside the new book The Philosophy of VenomSimilar in concept to The Philosophy of Spider-Man (featured here last November), The Philosophy of Venom takes a look back at those phrases and ideas from your favorite symbiote that define one of the biggest anti-heroes in comics today.

Hot on the heels of the highly anticipated Venom movie sequel, uncover the crazed and illustrious mind of the original symbiote superhero in this lavishly presented collection of Venom’s most heroic, villainous, and somewhat killer moments from his comic book history.  In this book, you’ll get in to the mind – or minds – of Venom: eat, save, kill, repeat!   Hero or villain?  Psychotic or vulnerable?  Does anything make sense to a ravenous symbiote from outer space?!  Witness the fears, the loves, the scruples, and the pure hunger that drives the popular anti-hero with a look at his favorite moments, best friends, worst enemies, epic comic action, and awesome cover art!  It’s everything you need to know about your new-favorite anti-hero, ahead of his second outing on the silver screen this September, with Tom Hardy reprising his role as Venom, Andy Serkis in the director’s chair, and Woody Harrelson set to star as Cletus Kasady – AKA Carnage!  Is that the sound of a sonic wave bursting from the page?  No, it’s the Philosophy of Venom!
Here’s an exclusive look inside The Philosophy of Venom, courtesy of Titan:

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Available in a square colorful hardcover, The Philosophy of Venom arrives in bookstores and online retailers January 13, 2021.  Add it to your comic shop pull list now.  And follow @comicstitan and #12DaysofVenom for more fun.


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