Hasbro taps Super 7 for reboot of G.I. Joe animated series action figures–19 available for pre-order

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Normally this would be the kind of news you’d find at San Diego Comic-Con, which was canceled this year again because of the pandemic.  Hasbro is farming out to action figure and pop culture collectible company Super7 to deliver two new action figure lines, rebooting the classic small-scale action figures based on the 1980s G.I. Joe animated series.  One line will he a step down from the original articulated figures from the 1980s, and the other will be a step up.  The step up is the Ultimates line, articulated 7-inch scale figures with extra arms, heads, and a variety of other accessories.  The step down is the Kenner-style 3.75-inch ReAction line, with less articulation than the original line, but with more series-accurate designs and still more variety–including new figures–to come.

The first wave of G.I. Joe ReAction figures includes Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Kwinn, G.I. Joe infantry (in three skin colors), and Cobra Troopers (in three skin colors and two costume styles)–for 15 variants in all.  The first Ultimates wave includes four figures–Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and the Cobra Battle Android Trooper (BAT).  These are in addition to the new -inch and 12-inch figures that are tie-ins to the coming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joes Origins movie (check those out here).

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See detailed views of each figure below.  You can order the Ultimates line now and pre-order all the ReAction figures from the first wave via the above links.

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The Hasbro/Super7 kicked into gear last year with the Super Cyborg BAT 11-inch figure and clear variant Super Cyborg BAT figure.  Since then you can also order direct from Super7 G.I. Joe apparel (including a very cool USS Flagg CVN-99 shirt), accessories, and drinkware at the Super7 website here.

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The first wave of what Super7 is calling “cartoon-accurate” G.I. Joe Ultimates figures is available for pre-order now here at Entertainment Earth at $54.99 each (as of July 15).

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Super7 said in its announcement this week that its G.I. Joe ReAction figure line intends to celebrate the iconic action figure of kids in the 1980s.  The unique size and sculpting style was simple but recognizable. With ReAction figures, Super7 offers collectors the classic action figure style while updating and adding to the line. 

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These currently list for $17.99 each–a hefty bit higher than the original prices, keeping these more as collectibles than something kids will likely be tearing open.  

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Unlike some other Super7 licenses, the cardback images are unique to the figures.  Otherwise the line is consistent with Super7’s other 3.75-inch 5 points of articulation figures, and those thousands of other Kenner and Kenner-like action figures from so many franchises.

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Keep an eye out for the first of the Super7 action figures available now at this link at Amazon, or pre-order any or all from Entertainment Earth here

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Check the Super7 and Entertainment Earth websites for current and updated release schedules.

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