Free Comic Book Day returns today

FCBD 2021 Judge Dredd  FCBD 2021 School Extra Girls

Today at Elite Comics and your local comic book shop–Free Comic Book Day is returning for 2021.  Often overlapping with the annual Star Wars Day–May the Fourth–this year it was pushed out a few months to Saturday, August 14.  A good excuse to visit your local comic book shop and get re-introduced to some series you may have missed, the annual FCBD is also a way to check out some titles you may otherwise have overlooked.  Below, check out some of the covers and titles coming your way for FCBD 2021 today!

FCBD 2021 Sonic  FCBD 2021 Star Wars

Good picks for kids include the timeless Archie Comics, R.L. Stine’s Just Beyond, The Legend of Korra with Avatar-The Last Airbender, an Oni Press anthology, The Smurf Tales, Life is Strange, The Unfinished Corner, and The Last Kids on Earth Popular titles include Blade Runner, two Star Wars: The High Republic books and one with Guardian of the Whills, Avengers/Hulk, Spider-Man/Venom, Assassin’s Creed, Sonic The Hedgehog (30th anniversary!),Vampirella, and Judge Dredd

Stray_DogsFCBD_CVR  FCBD 2021 Blade Runner

For those wanting something new and intriguing, check out Stray Dogs, Ed Piskor’s Red Room, The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Allergic, the sci-fi Bountiful Gardens and The Resistance: Uprising, Dungeon is Back!, School for Extra-Terrestrial Girls, Gloomhaven, World of Zorro, and On Tyranny. 

The books are divided into gold and silver publications, which typically means gold books ship in greater quantities, but ultimately it’s up to your local comic shop.  As always, some shops limit the number of titles per customer, so bring the whole family.  And yes, only the FCBD titles are free, however, some local comic shops may have extra exclusive deals and discount opportunities.

FCBD 2021 Just Beyond  FCBD 2021 Smurfs

You can find all of the new titles, some which don’t have final covers yet, at the FCBD 2021 website.

See you at Elite Comics and your local comic shop–Free Comic Book Day is today only!

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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