DC vs Vampires–First look at new 12-issue series brings Justice League Dark to the Hall of Justice

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Sometimes you just know when you’re going to want the graphic novel/trade edition of a new series.  That looks certain for the new DC vs Vampires, a story outside the normal continuity of the DC Comics superheroes that will twist the most famous into vampires, and it takes long-time fans of DC characters to one of their favorite places: the Hall of Justice that we grew up with in the Superfriends television series.  The first chapter finds New 52 Justice League Dark character and I, Vampire lead Andrew Bennett crawling to the iconic Justice League headquarters to share word of something dire with the League, where he finds Hal Jordan and one of the Wonder Twins.  

There is a new vampire leader on Earth and what he’s plotting will mean the end of human domination of the planet.

Stories like DC vs Vampires are a great chance to dip back into the DC Universe without needing to get caught up on all the series and crossover events.  In a word, these limited series are just plain fun.  

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Wonder Twin powers activate!  Form of… anything that will get this vampire out of my face!  Take a look at a preview of the first issue–and lots of cover variants for the first and subsequent issues–below.

The series is written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg, with interior artwork by Otto Schmidt, and variant covers by Schmidt, Marco Turini, Felipe Massafera, Jorge Molina, Francesco Mattina, Dave Wilkins, Ejikure, and more.



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Look for DC vs Vampires, Issue #1, at Elite Comics or your local comic shop, in stores today!

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