The artistry of Neville Page’s Star Trek creature creations to be showcased in new book, now available for pre-order

He’s one of Star Trek’s greatest contributors to the look of science fiction aliens in 21st century entertainment.  He’s creature designer Neville PageShowcasing his entire Star Trek career so far, a new visual retrospective is coming your way to celebrate the creativity of Neville Page’s designs.  Star Trek: The Art of Neville Page is now available for pre-order here at Amazon.  In this deluxe, full-color hardcover account, readers will examine the visionary creature designs from two decades for some of Star Trek’s most innovative aliens.  We discussed previously at borg some of Page’s greatest works in our review of The Art of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline here and more can be found in The Art of Star Trek here.  The new book comes from writer Joe Nazzaro, who interviewed Page extensively for his book Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow, reviewed here.

Page has applied his expertise to the creation and development of the aliens of the Star Trek universe from the movies Star Trek (2009) through to Star Trek Beyond (2016), as well as the series Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek: Picard.  Page’s concept artwork, both detailed and intricate, has yielded some of the franchise’s most standout characters.

Featuring his concept art and sketches, Star Trek: The Art of Neville Page promises to provide exclusive insight into Page’s creative process–essential reading for Star Trek fans as it includes a vast collection of illustrations.  The book includes a foreword by Alex Kurtzman and afterword by Michael Westmore.

For analysis of all the aliens developed by Page for the recent movie entries in the Star Trek franchise, and Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, don’t miss Star Trek: The Art of Neville Page, available for pre-order now here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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