A look inside The Making of Star Trek: First Contact

A little more than twenty-five years ago, Star Trek: First Contact arrived as an iffy proposition: A Star Trek movie directed by Number One aka Commander Will Riker aka Jonathan Frakes?  And then it proved what fans had been begging for for years.  If you put Star Trek’s reins in the hands of someone who knows the universe, who has lived it week after week for years–who really gets it–you might produce a movie that gets it all exactly right.  Star Trek: First Contact has long been recognized as the best of the Next Generation cast films, and for many, the best trek of them all.  All these years later fans can see how it was done in Joe Fordham’s long overdue examination of the film in Star Trek: First Contact–The Making of the Classic Film It’s available for pre-order now here at Amazon, arriving in July.

Take a look inside this long-awaited, behind-the scenes view of the making of the action-filled First Contact:

Titan Books collected archival material, behind-the-scenes photography, concept art, production designs, and new and exclusive interviews with cast and crew, including Jonathan Frakes, Alice Krige, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore, Marina Sirtis, Herman Zimmerman, and Michael Westmore.  It also promises rare and previously unseen production art and new and exclusive cast and crew interviews.  Be among the first to get this in your hands.  Re-watch the film now on Vudu or Paramount+, or get a copy on Blu-ray for about $10 here.  Pre-order the new full-color hardcover book Star Trek: First Contact–The Making of the Classic Film here at Amazon now.

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