Logan movie comic book prop sells big at Propstore auction

Yesterday here at borg we featured this week’s entertainment memorabilia auction by Los Angeles auction house Propstore and its big sale of an original X-Wing Fighter filming model.  The auction continues through Friday, but Wednesday you may have overlooked an intriguing prop from the 2017 Academy Award-nominated superhero movie Logan (probably the best superhero film of all time, reviewed here, and Logan Noir was our pick for genredom’s Best Movie of the Decade here).  Comic book collecting is a major industry with every price level and niche of comics fandom having legions of collectors.  A pile of comic books was featured in the groundbreaking film directed by James Mangold, but they weren’t ordinary comic books.  They were made exclusively for the movie.  And one of those comics sold Tuesday for $17,500 (including a 25% buyer’s premium).

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If you follow high-end sales of comic books you know that $17,500 is not necessarily a high price for a rare book, with thousands regularly selling in the high five and even six digits.  So in many ways this was a good deal for the undisclosed buyer.  So what’s the story with the comic?  It was one of a few featured in a scene that was a key revelation for Hugh Jackman’s old man Logan in the film, and he even holds a copy of the issue that was featured in the auction.  It’s not known whether this was the exact issue held by Jackman or a back-up production copy, which could explain the sale at only $17,500–most listings will state if an item is screen-matched, and this listing does not include that notation.

The actual copy of the mock X-Men issue #136 that sold at auction Wednesday, seen onscreen rolled with a stack of cash in the second screencap for the movie Logan shown above.

Unlike many movie props that sell at auction, this comic was an important plot point, revealing the reality of a place called Eden in the story.  Writer/artist Dan Panosian created the 20-page issue, printed in full color on glassy paper stock, with contributions by Marvel’s Joe Quesada, along with several other covers–some seen, some not, on screen.

Here are some pages from inside the prop book:

So keep an eye out for future auctions in case more of copies of this issue exist.  But that’s not all.  Panosian made several covers, and as can be seen in the top photo above, more than one was produced for the film.  These comics can easily be seen in the film, the issue #117 the most visible, as seen in the top screencap above:

Check out some of his other great covers, produced only for use in the film under the “X-Men Comics Group” banner:

Keep an eye out–you never know when another book may enter the market.  Learn more about the Logan X-Men comic and the auction here at the Propstore website.

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