Anime cookbook delivers the foods from your favorite films

Here’s a challenge: Try to watch Spike in any episode of Cowboy Bebop and walk away without craving those noodles he slurps down in each episode.  Or watch Over the Moon without breaking to order some mooncakes.  Thibaud Villanova, who bills himself the “Gastronogeek,” is back this month with another pop culture cookbook tie-in.  This time he’s created dishes to mimic foods seen in popular anime movies and TV series.  Gastronogeek Anime Cookbook: 40 Recipes Inspired by the Greatest Anime is available now here at Amazon.  Villanova, chef and author of one of our favorite cookbooks, Assassin’s Creed Culinary Codex (reviewed here), took inspiration from scenes in Attack on Titan, Naruto, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Kill la Kill, Food Wars!, My Hero Academia, Cowboy Bebop, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, and more.

To get you ready for your next session of binge-watching, or maybe even hold an anime party celebrating your friends’ favorites, take a look inside Gastronogeek Anime Cookbook: 40 Recipes Inspired by the Greatest Anime:

Villanova takes efforts to create foods focused on the culture behind the series and he plates the food to resemble its appearance in the show.  He offers up lots of traditional Asian cuisine with his own modifications.  For any Westerner brave enough to cook outside their comfort zone, look forward to some fantastic international cuisine sampling ahead.  Or start simple with the Beastars “scrambled egg sandwich”–swap standard mayo for Japanese mayo and you’ll have a traditional American egg salad sandwich ready to present just as in the show.

This is an anime cookbook, but it’s definitely not kid stuff.  You’re going to need to live in or near a big city, somewhere that has a well-stocked Asian market, as most of the dishes require foods you may not be familiar with, unless you’re a master of Japanese, Korean, Thai, or Chinese cooking already.  Octopus or cuttlefish, anyone?  You’ll learn to prepare everything from vinegar rice balls to dumplings, Japanese curry and Okonomiyaki pancakes, to Dashi, Ichiraku ramen, and Japanese fondue, plus desserts and drinks–all tied to anime shows.

Most dishes are written for four servings, and the author includes a one to three-star assessment of skill level needed.  Most are one star, but don’t be surprised if this chef’s one star rating seems like many a cook’s five.

Courtesy of Titan Books, here are some recipe pages from inside Thibaud Villanova’s new Gastronogeek Anime Cookbook: 40 Recipes Inspired by the Greatest Anime:

Sorry–there isn’t actually a noodle recipe for Cowboy Bebop, but there is a Jet stir fry.

For fans of anime, any anyone ready to try preparing some serious Asian cuisine, Gastronogeek Anime Cookbook: 40 Recipes Inspired by the Greatest Anime is available now in hardcover here at Amazon.  

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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