Villains take over DC Universe this month with retro-style covers

Superman Cyborg cover   Dead Shot JLA lenticular cover

September is Villains Month at DC Comics and the editors looked like they were having fun Wednesday with the release of a bunch of standard monthly superhero titles defaced and taken over by the huge pantheon of classic DC villains.  And along with the vandalized covers DC has released special 3D animated lenticular covers–those great retro plastic lined images you once found in cereal boxes and vending machines.

With the Justice League presumed dead (yeah, right), the Crime Syndicate of villains has arisen out of this summer’s Trinity War story arc.  The backbone of the multi-title storyline will be the Forever Evil mini-series, with Issue #1 in comic book stores this week featuring writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch.   Following Villains Month, all of the New 52 titles not directly tying into Forever Evil will pick up where they left off in August.  All of the other books will catch up in April 2014 with the Forever Evil timeline after the miniseries’ conclusion in March.

Joker Batman lenticular cover  Count Vertigo Green Arrow Lenticular cover

The first issue of Forever Evil itself today had a big batch of alternate covers.  We count nine of them and are including them all here for anyone who needs a checklist.  Click on any image for a larger resolution view and click on the other images to see a larger scale moving image.

FEVIL_Cv1_bw_1_200_var   FEVIL_Cv1_Combo_C1 FEVIL_Cv1_ds FEVIL_Cv1_NYCC_var FEVIL_Cv1_var_A FEVIL_Cv1_var_B FEVIL_Cv1_var_C FEVIL_Cv1_VAR_fpo FEVIL_Cv1_WCBH_Var  Poison Ivy Lenticular cover

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