First look at CW’s new Flash costume


The CW Network released this first look at the new Flash costume and announced that filming of the pilot episode will begin this week.  This time around, the supersuit developed by Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood seems to have kept with the modern design continuity of her costume for Stephen Amell’s Arrow while possibly pulling in some inspiration from Chris Evans’ Captain America costume from Captain America: The First Avenger, with that 1940s leather football helmet look, complete with chin guard.

Captain America helmet
Captain America–inspiration for the new Flash supersuit helmet?

The primary red-colored suit from the decades of comic book artist renderings has been cast aside for an edgier, dark look, also perhaps taking the lead from the darker mood of the Arrow series’ new DC universe that the new Barry Allen/Flash springs from.  The color also resembles the classic Flash series that this new series will be undoubtedly compared to, possibly the best incarnation of a costumed hero to appear on TV or film, worn in 1990-1991 by actor John Wesley Shipp, shown here:

Flash John Wesley Shipp
The original Flash–a supersuit that can’t be beat.

And speaking of Shipp, consistent with the tried and true gimmick of many a remake, CW Network has signed the original Flash actor to appear in the new series pilot as a mysterious, possibly recurring character.  It would make sense to cast Shipp opposite the young Grant Gustin’s Flash as a villain, something like John Barrowman’s archer in Arrow, or maybe they’ll take the route of making Shipp some kind of mentor, or even Barry Allen’s father.  The hope will be for Shipp’s endorsement to bring some credibility to the new series.

The new series won’t actually move forward unless the pilot is successful and the series gets a green light.  Many roles have been cast, including Tom Cavanaugh (Royal Pains) as Harrison Wells, S.T.A.R. Labs wealthy backer and physicist, Law and Order’s Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Heroes’ Candice Patton as West’s daughter and likely Barry’s love interest Iris West, Grimm and Sky High’s Danielle Panabaker as bioengineer Caitlin Snow (the alter ego of Killer Frost in the New 52), Rick Cosnett (The Vampire Diaries) as Detective Eddie Thawne, and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, a S.T.A.R. Labs engineer (and the alter ego of Vibe in the comic books).

killer frost one-shot
Killer Frost
Vibe New 52 Number 1

Also, genre regulars Michelle Harrison (Continuum, Eureka, Fringe, Supernatural, Paycheck, House, M.D.), and Al Sapienza (House of Cards, The Firm, Supernatural, White Collar, Burn Notice) will play Nora Allen and Detective Fred Chyre, respectively, and Cult’s Chad Rook will play Clyde Mardon.  We know Nora Allen to be Barry’s mother from the comic books, and in Arrow, Barry revealed she was killed, so we’ll likely see her only in flashbacks.

The Arrow creative and production team will be designing the series, with comic book Geoff Johns co-writing.

Will the inclusion of characters like Killer Frost and Vibe mean the CW Network and DC Entertainment will finally start showing superheroes with superpowers in a TV series?  We’ll find out later this year.

C.J. Bunce

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