First look–Trailer for Disney’s Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels clip A

Earlier this week Disney announced the casting for Star Wars Episode VII.  Global highlights of this year’s “May the 4th” included Star Wars themed rugby matches in Australia, Star Wars 6K runs in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, character appearances in London, fan events in Shanghai, China and an event at the Roman Colosseum in Italy.  Through a collaboration with NASA and Space Center Houston a message from R2-D2 was delivered from International Space Station.

For the “May the 4th” worldwide Star Wars celebration Disney released its first full trailer for its new animated series Star Wars Rebels.  According to Disney the new trailer for the animated series was broadcast in more than 160 countries 439 million households worldwide.  Whether 439 million people saw it yesterday or whether it was just available to that many homes is not clear from the Disney release.

Star Wars Rebels stormtroopers

We expressed our doubts from the early looks of Star Wars Rebels discussed here at previously.  The YouTube version of the new trailer version was jammed all day yesterday, but you can watch the full trailer at this link and judge for yourself.

It looks a bit like the prequel Rebels meet the original trilogy Empire.  The Empire artwork looks pretty good.

Star Wars Rebels poster

A new poster has also been released for the series this past week featuring spray paint graffiti from one of the series’ key characters.

Star Wars Rebels premieres on DisneyXD this Fall.

C.J. Bunce

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