Gentle Giant, Entertainment Earth SDCC 2014 exclusives now available to everyone

Green Blooded cloaked Predator SDCC 2014 Entertainment Earth variant SDCC 2014 Rocketeer black and white variant

Did you miss out on San Diego Comic-Con this year?  Taking the sting out of missing the big annual show, both Gentle Giant and Entertainment Earth are making their SDCC 2014 exclusives available to everyone.  Although a few items have already sold out, there are plenty of great busts and action figures that will provide something of interest for every sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy fan.  Click on any image above or below to go to the store listing for prices and availability.

Number One on our list of the coolest action figures of the year is the above variant Predator figure from Funko’s ReAction retro-action figure line.  We’ve seen one of these up close and not only is this a nicely constructed figure with great packaging, it looks like the character cloaked in the film and it comes with green blood splatter applied to the figure and even the box–splatter that was part of the plot of the movie and not just a sales gimmick.  This figure sold out fast, but don’t worry, you can pre-order now for its re-release.  After the break check out several variant retro-Kenner figures only available for a limited time, including Firefly’s Jayne Cobb and his famous hat, a Malcolm Reynolds with Browncoat.  Even new figures from The Twilight Zone of William Shatner and Burgess Meredith!

Rocket Raccoon SDCC 2013 Gentle Giant

The high point of the Gentle Giant exclusives is this great Rocket Raccoon bust that we previewed earlier at  You can just hear Rocket ranting about something, gritting his teeth as he rescues the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

For retro fans, Gentle Giant has three other SDCC exclusives for sale.  Check out this two-foot tall Alien figure–inspired by the unreleased Kenner figure from the 1980s:

Alien classic Kenner figure SDCC 2013 Gentle Giant

And how about the latest in Gentle Giant’s line of jumbo-sized classic Kenner Star Wars action figures, one of Kenner’s best, the AT-AT Driver from The Empire Strikes Back:

Gentle Giant AT-AT Driver large action figure SDCC 2014

Also from Star Wars is this bust of Rebel Pilot Jek Porkins:

Jek Porkins Star Wars Gentle Giant SDCC 2014

Entertainment Earth has several exclusives from SDCC now available, but our favorites are the several variants of the ReAction line.  We were surprised the standard issue Jayne Cobb didn’t come with his famous hat.  This variant is the only way to get this version:

Firefly Jayne Cobb variant with hat ReAction figure Entertainment Earth SDCC 2014 Firefly Browncoat Exclusive Malcolm Reynolds SDCC 2014 ReAction variant

And how can you have Malcolm Reynolds without his famous coat?  This is the only version with the coat as an accessory.

The Pulp Fiction line has two variants of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta’s characters splattered with blood:

Pulp Fiction bloody Jules Winfield variant Entertainment Earth SDCC 2014 Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction ReAction figure bloody variant SDCC 2014

And here is a Comic-Con visitor version of Sloth from The Goonies, complete with a Superman-logo shirt.

Goonies Sloth ReAction Variant Superman shirt SDCC 2014 Entertainment Earth Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas SDCC 2014 black white variant

And if you are a fan of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, the way to get Jack’s dog Zero is with this limited version of Jack Skellington.

Similar to the ReAction line of Kenner-style figures is the Bif Bang Pow! line of Twilight Zone figures.  Bif Bang Pow! also produces the Six Million Dollar Man line we discussed earlier here at

Twilight Zone Bob Wilson William Shatner Kenner style figure SDCC 2014   Twilight Zone color Gremlin SDCC 2014 Entertainment Earth Burgess Meredith Henry Bemis Twilight Zone Kenner style figure SDCC 2014 Entertainment Earth   Kanamit SDCC 2014 color figure Entertainment Earth Twilight Zone Twilight Zone color Invader SDCC 2014 Entertainment Earth   Talky Tina SDCC 2014 Twilight Zone Entertainment Earth

These are expected to sell out soon, so act quickly if you need any of these for your collections.

C.J. Bunce

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