Funko to add 21 movies and TV series getting the ReAction treatment in 2015

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Last week we reported on Funko CEO Brian Mariotti’s “12 Days of Christmas” daily blog posts revealing the company’s new product offerings for 2015.  This included the increasingly successful Kenner-inspired, ReAction retro action figure line, which has spread like wildfire now that the various lines are hitting the masses thanks to Barnes & Nobles carrying the products in stores.  Mariotti revealed last week that 2015 will see new action figure series for the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jaws, Terminator 2, The Dark Crystal, Gremlins, Breaking Bad, and Boondock Saints.

Today Mariotti revealed the rest of the licensed properties that will be turned into carded 3 3/4 inch action figures by the end of next year.  As we had hoped, one of those properties is John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China.  But now we know of twelve others.

Big Trouble in Little China movie poster

So what are the rest?  Drumroll, please…

Fifth Element movie poster

The Fifth Element… Korben Dallas!  Leeloo!  Zorg!

V for Vendetta movie poster  Scarface movie poster

V for Vendetta and Scarface!

Fast Times at Ridgement High movie poster

Fast Times at Ridgemont High action figures?  Jeff Spicoli and Mr. Hand?  A Phoebe Cates action figure from Fast Times and Gremlins?

The-Big-Lebowski-Movie-poster   Rocky Horror Picture Show movie poster

The Big Lebowski and Rocky Horror!

ET movie poster

Finally some decent E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial action figures.  The original line was cheap–even with the lack of detail that is part of the retro Kenner look, anything will be better than those.

Fight Club poster

Brad Pitt will get his own action figure with the new Fight Club line.

And classics, too…

A-Team series poster

The A-Team!  Face, Murdock, B.A., and Hannibal–another series that had its own early line that could use an update.

The Munsters poster

And… The Munsters!  These will go nicely with the previously released horror line and Universal Monsters line of figures.

Tomorrowland movie poster

And ReAction is offering its first current movie figures–from Tomorrowland!

Aliens movie poster

Finally, the second Alien movie, Aliens will add to the current universe of xenomorphs.

Keep checking back.  We’ll provide updates as packaging and sculpts are released.

C.J. Bunce

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  1. I saw Star Wars and Goonies figures the other day. I hope these are around when I’m building my office.

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