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Much like was done for the successful Supernatural TV series from the CW Network (like the book we reviewed previously here at, Titan Books has released a new full-color photographic archive book for fans of the Arrow TV series.  Arrow:  Heroes and Villains is the first of three books coming our way this year featuring Oliver Queen and his cohorts.

More like a fan magazine or souvenir book in trade paperback form, with photos of the actors and details about their characters, Arrow: Heroes and Villains is the kind of book I would have been after for my favorite shows as a kid.  Most of the photos are marketing shots for the characters, but it also includes snapshots from the series.  Enough text is provided to get anyone who missed the first two seasons of the series caught up with each character and the major storylines up to the beginning of season three.  It’s mainly an in-world book about the world of Oliver Queen, but also has interviews with show creators, and offers a behind the scenes look at the character development of key roles.

Arrow and Canary

Grab a copy and get it signed by series star Stephen Amell next Sunday at Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

Split into two parts, plus a look at the Suicide Squad, Arrow: Heroes and Villains provides an essay on each of Oliver Queen, his parents, Thea, Walter Steele, Laurel and Sara Lance and their parents, John and Carly Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Tommy Merlyn, Roy Harper, Barry Allen, Frank Pike, and McKenna Hall.

The villains include Slade Wilson, Yao Fei, Shado, The Butcher, Malcolm Merlyn, Sebastian Blood, Cyrus Gold, The Huntress, Count Vertigo, the Royal Flush Gang, The Dodger, Nyssa Al Ghul and China White, among others.  It also looks at some expired characters unlucky enough to make Oliver Queen’s “list”.

Oliver Queen Dossier   Arrow Vengeance

At 176 pages Arrow: Heroes and Villains is a lot bigger than most fan guides to TV shows and the photo quality and images selected were nicely done.  You can pick up a copy here at, and pre-order the first Arrow tie-in novel, Arrow: Vengeance, here, and another fan book, Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier, here.

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