BAM! Six Justice League superheroes appear in new CW promo

Superhero Fight Club

If you can’t fit your characters into continuity, why not figure out another way to give fans what they want?

That’s what the CW did with a new promo for the final episodes of the season for Arrow and The Flash.  The trinity of DC Comics’ A-list aside, what does the rest of the Justice League do to blow off steam?  They practice their skills in their own secret athletic club–the “Superhero Fight Club.”  There’s just one rule: There are no rules for the Superhero Fight Club.

CW villains DC

So from Team Arrow, check out Arrow, Black Canary, Arsenal/Red Arrow, The Dark Archer, Ra’s Al Ghul, and The Atom, and from Team Flash, The Flash, Firestorm, Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave:

It’s a pretty good showcase of the stunt and battle choreography teams for both shows.

Why don’t they just put all these players together in more scenes in the series continuity?  How about giving DC Comics fans what they want by making DC’s version of The Avengers, only on television?

Superhero Fight Club scoreboard

Look for The Flash tonight and every Tuesday and Arrow tomorrow and every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Central on the CW.

C.J. Bunce

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