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James Bond’s story did not end with the last Ian Fleming novel.  His exploits have been recounted in a classic comic strip series (including a recent collected edition we reviewed here at, the movies have often strayed beyond the original Fleming novels and short stories, and licensed novels continue to be published each year.  We even had one limited comic book series, Mike Grell’s Permission to Die.  Dynamite Comics has its own monthly series, and the first six issues are being reprinted in a hardcover edition hitting your local comic book store tomorrow.  We have a preview of the new collected edition below for readers, plus a preview of the next story arc, EIDOLON.

In the first storyline of the monthly series, titled VARGR, Bond returns to London after finishing a mission in Helsinki.  Taking over the work of fallen agent 008, he embarks on a new mission in Berlin where he encounters a web of secrets. The series is written by Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, The Authority) with artist Jason Masters (Batman Incorporated, Guardians of the Galaxy).  The new hardcover edition includes bonus materials, including covers and concept art.

Special cover issue 1 3 vargr

Masters artwork along with colors by Guy Major combine to create an authentic early 1960s vibe for the setting.  The story will appeal to fans of both the Fleming novels and fans of the current, grittier Bond of the Daniel Craig movies.  It also manages to keep some of the wink-wink humor of Roger Moore’s Bond.  And better yet, we have new borg in the characters Dharma Reach and Slaven Kurjak.

So check out this preview of James Bond: VARGR:

 BondV1VargrHC 2 BondV1VargrHC 3 BondV1VargrHC 4 BondV1VargrHC 5 BondV1VargrHC 6 BondV1VargrHC 7 BondV1VargrHC 8 BondV1VargrHC 9 BondV1VargrHC 10

And as a bonus, check out this preview to James Bond, Issue #7, available at comic book stores tomorrow:


 Bond007 1  Bond007 2 Bond007 3 Bond007 4 Bond007 5

This begins the second story arc of the monthly series, titled EIDOLON.

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