Is Rogue One poised to be as good as Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back?


The more that is revealed, the more Rogue One: A Star Wars Story appears that it may be good enough to take on the first two Star Wars films, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, if not at least edging Return of the Jedi or the The Force Awakens out of the third spot.  This week we learned that, unlike for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, George Lucas actually voiced his approval of components in Rogue One.  He wasn’t included in the story or dialogue, but gave his thumbs up on several art design concepts.  That’s thanks to director Gareth Edwards, who appears to be as big a Star Wars fan as the rest of us.

The only concern so far is the trend of releasing images reflecting something like 25% to 40% of the scenes from the film in a year’s worth of trailers leading up to the release.  It seems we know the entire story now, except for who lives and who dies by film’s end.  Of course, the only way to dodge this is to avoid all the trailers.

Even more footage was released this week not in another trailer, but via a behind the scenes featurette.  Plus, more TV spots have surfaced.  And if you haven’t figured out what the story is about already, director Edwards lays it out as clearly as can be at the beginning of the behind the scenes video.  Check it all out below, plus new international posters.


You probably won’t find any spoilers by way of new concepts if you have viewed the trailers released this year, but if you can’t get enough of footage from Rogue One (like us), them jump right in and see for yourself:

First up, the behind the scenes featurette:

And here are some international TV spots:

Finally, check out these great character posters:

asia-rogue-1 asia-rogue-2 asia-rogue-3 asia-rogue-4 asia-rogue-5 asia-rogue-6 asia-rogue-7

Even more footage is expected on Thanksgiving Day.  Look for it during the Macy’s Parade.

It’s almost here.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters December 16, 2016.

C.J. Bunce

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