The Mandalorian–Igloo offers Baby Yoda-themed Playmate cooler with proceeds going to pandemic relief efforts


At first look “The Child in a cooler” doesn’t sound like something anyone should be selling at all.  But context matters!  Originally The Child–who the world has dubbed Baby Yoda–was couriered around in what looks like a modified Hamilton Beach ice cream maker (which, not coincidentally, has been selling out since the debut of the series).  Our secret sources tell us it is called a Camtono, a prop that made its first appearance in the Star Wars saga on Cloud City in Return of the Jedi.  Igloo–the company you’ve probably bought coolers from your entire life–has issued a new tie-in product available until April 20 only, inspired by the floating pod container (not the ice cream… er… Camtono…) the Mandalorian used to transport The Child after the bounty hunter discovered the truth of his bounty.

The kid is coming with us!  Create your very own adventures of a lone gunslinger in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic and rescue your very own the Child-inspired Playmate.  This special-edition Igloo Playmate will be the envy of your friends as you fill it to the brim with snacks and drinks for your very own quest for the next bounty.  Grab your very own special edition The Child-inspired Igloo Playmate.

Igloo 3

Igloo is tying in its limited release with the popularity of Baby Yoda to help the pandemic relief efforts.  The company stated on its website that 100% of the profits from the cooler and all Playmates sold on will be donated to the CDC Coronavirus Response Fund to support state and local health departments.

The cooler is one of the company’s products that fits a six-pack of cans or four quarts, featuring the familiar tent-top design.

Note: You probably can’t carry a six-pack in an actual Hamilton ice cream maker.

Features include a push-button lid design for convenient one-handed operation, with swinging lid that opens to either side for easy access to contents, and a spill-resistant design with molded handle.

Check out the Igloo website for more information and how to purchase the new Igloo Playmate featuring The Child and other coolers.  Act fast–the offer ends April 20, 2020.

C.J. Bunce

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