Miss Fury–Fans give the go-ahead to third solo story from Dynamite of the original superheroine


Originally previewed here at borg in 2018 and marketed by Dynamite Comics as Miss Fury, Volume 3, the third recent Miss Fury reboot was delayed again to September 2019, finally to be sidelined to an Indiegogo campaign beginning yesterday.  Fortunately Dynamite learned fast that Miss Fury fans will keep coming back for each new effort to resurrect writer/artist/creator Tarpé Mills’ first superheroine, as the campaign was funded in less than two hours.  So Dynamite will be publishing its third solo Miss Fury project in early 2021, this time taking what was to be a three-issue limited series straight to the graphic novel trade edition with one hardcover option.

Initially Billy Tucci was announced as writer of the story with artwork by Emma Kubert (reported on by comics sites as recently as a few months ago).  Only in the past few weeks it was announced the art team shifted to Maria Laura Sanapo, Ceci de la Cruz, Mindy Lopkin, and Asha Kishna.   It only takes about 40-50 backers to fund a $5,000 project, so surpassing the project goal quickly yesterday was no surprise.

True to June Tarpé Mills’ original newspaper strip, the new story, “Joy Division,” is set during World War II, where Marla Drake aka Miss Fury takes on the Nazis.  Of course the best Miss Fury is the original–check out this great anthology series we reviewed previously here at borg.  Despite Tucci’s assertions in his crowdfunding materials, this is not the only sequel to Mills’ original series, as Dynamite gave us our pick for best comic book series of 2013 with its Miss Fury: Anger is An Energy and second book Miss Fury: Walk Through the Valley, both written by Rob Williams, with fantastic art by Jackson Herbert (with some great Alex Ross cover art), and she returned in another solo title, Miss Fury: The Minor Key, written by Corinna Bechko with art by Jonathan Lau.  Miss Fury feels like she’s been around forever, especially with 21st century appearances in several series, like Alex Ross’s fully painted 2012 series Masks, and again as part of the 2015 team-up in Masks 2, plus a list of other team-up titles including Noir and Swords of Sorrow).

Tucci confirmed years ago that Mills’ original cast of characters would return in this story, taking readers “from the warring skies above New York City and into the heart of Hitler’s Third Reich,” the series will be delivered “in the spirit of an all-female Inglourious Basterds.”  


Will fans ever get to see the gorgeous variant covers by Emma Kubert, Ken Lashley, Mike McKone, and Jan Duursema?  The above two covers and below two covers, previewed at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, do not appear to be included in the Indiegogo campaign softcover or hardcover editions.


This book does not look like it will appear at your local comic shop, although it’s always possible it will appear in a reprint form down the road.  So take a look at the Indiegogo campaign here for details on ordering options before the campaign wraps–no end date is listed on the campaign page.

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