New trailer– Denis Villeneuve’s latest, Dune 2049 or Dune: Fury Road?

Once you’ve seen a film by Denis Villeneuve, you can spot his work instantly.  The images in this week’s trailer for Dune, the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sand planet world of characters could easily be spliced from the wide-angle, sparse landscapes of Villeneuve’s recent Blade Runner 2049.  He also is conjuring bits of other directors’ sci-fi works, like from the last successful sandscape flick, George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, and you may even spot shots straight out of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  You’ll see a lot going on in this trailer, but is there anything new?

The Chronicles of Riddick, John Carter of Mars, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets all seem to have had bigger production budgets–unless Warner Bros. is holding everything back in this trailer, this has a very spartan look.   

Villeneuve, the guy who actually said, “In a way, it’s Star Wars for adults” seems to be hanging his hat on young actor Timothée Chalamet, conjuring the vibe of Peter Parker and Frodo Baggins, stepping into the role last played on the big screen by Kyle MacLachlan, and Mission: Impossible series’ regular Rebecca Ferguson in the role played in David Lynch’s 1984 movie by Francesca Annis.  It definitely doesn’t look like George Lucas’s Star Wars, but the aura has much in common with Disney’s most recent Star Wars efforts, especially in the clips of the giant army and ships.

The rest of the cast is a horde of actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, Stellan Skarsgard, and David Dastmalchian, along with heavy-hitter genre actors Jason Momoa, Oscar Isaac, and Academy Award-winning actor Javier Bardem.

Here’s the trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune:

Warner Bros. has Dune targeted for a December 18, 2021, theatrical release.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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