Ghostbusters: Afterlife–Original heroes suit up, Paul Rudd is a board game piece, and more toy tie-ins on the way

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Bustin’ makes me feel good.

The most exciting movie of the year now has tie-in toys, and an early look at the toys appears to telegraph the return of three original Ghostbusters donning their garb again.  That’s Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson, clearly featured as part of several toys coming from Hasbro and other brands for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

GA figs

Hasbro is offering a line of line up higher end figures, the Plasma Series (available here for pre-order now) featuring characters from the 2021 film, including Trevor, Lucky, Podcast, Peter, Winston, and Ray.

GA women figs

Check out more new Ghostbusters: Afterlife toys, including a new Clue below…

Another Plasma Series set features the stars of the original movie, with figures for Gozer and Dana.  Both series include parts for a buildable giant dog.

action figs Ghostbisters

Also, there’s a set of 1984 animated series 5-inch retro figures coming, with Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston (also available in two sets here and here, both with interactive ghosts Sesame, Spinach, Pepper, and Zucchini, from Entertainment Earth).

GA Clue

Paul Rudd is now a board game playing piece.  He’s in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife edition of Clue.  In this edition, players will experience a game of whodunit with artwork and characters inspired by the movie.  By moving from location to location, narrowing down the possibilities, and through the process of elimination, players will figure out who the leader of the ghosts is, how to trap it, and where it will appear.

GA Clue 2

Paranormal cards add teamwork to the game, letting players team up to battle a ghost or get closer to the truth.  Once an accusation is made, players must check the Tobin’s Spirit Guide card sleeve to see if they are right, with the correct accusation winning the game.


The new Clue ships soon, currently listing for $21.99.  Pre-order it now here at Entertainment Earth.

Then there are toys, lots of toys.

Ghost Whistle

Ghost Whistle – The Ghostbusters scare off spooky spirits with a special whistle that only ghosts can hear. Features 15 different sounds

PKE Shocker

P.K.E Shocker – The next generation of Ghostbusters use the P.K.E. shocker to search for signs of ghost activity and stop spirits in their tracks with “stunning shock”

Proton Blaster – Blast ghosts like your favorite busters with this colorful blaster replica

proton pack

All the toys tie into the Proton Pack.

Mini-Puft Popper Blaster

Mini-Puft Popper Blaster – The Ghostbusters Mini-Puft Popper comes with 3 soft foam Puft Popper projectiles for ghost-poppin’ action and adventure

And not from Hasbro, but tied-in to the movie, don’t forget Tobin’s Spirit Guide, reviewed here, and Ghostbusters cereal, which unfortunately is not the same red marshmallow cereal from the 1980s.

The long-awaited continuation of the original 1980s blockbuster films, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is slated to open Thanksgiving 2021.

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