Go big or go home–Super 7 amps up G.I. Joe animated series retro action figure line with new releases

Last summer we previewed the first phase of a new, retro style line of GI Joe action figures for fans of the 1980s animated GI Joe: A Real American Hero series and the corresponding reboot of GI Joe toys.  The first wave of G.I. Joe ReAction figures–the Kenner-style 3.75-inch figures with less articulation joints than the originals but now with better sculpts–included Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Kwinn, G.I. Joe infantry (in three skin colors), and Cobra Troopers (in three skin colors and two costume styles)–for 15 variants in all.  Get ready to add Storm Shadow, Roadblock, Roadblock PSA, Flint, Snake Eyes, Mutt PSA, Duke, Lady Jaye, Bazooka, Major Bludd, Gamemaster, Navy Blue Shirt Sailors, Shocktroopers, and ready-for-battle Cobra Commander, Baroness, and Firefly to your collection, all available for pre-order now at the above links at Entertainment Earth. 

Take a look at our preview of the new line of figures and packaging below.

As we announced here last summer, Hasbro began farming out to action figure and pop culture collectible company Super7 creation of two new action figure lines, rebooting the classic small-scale action figures based on the 1980s animated series

Unlike some other Super7 licenses, the Super7 ReAction cardback images are unique to the figures.  Otherwise the line is consistent with Super7’s other 3.75-inch “5 points of articulation” figures, and those thousands of other Kenner and Kenner-like action figures now available from so many franchises.

Check out these figures available for pre-order now following last year’s first round of figures:

Pre-order the latest figures from the GI Joe Super7 action figures all from Entertainment Earth now here, and coming soon to Amazon here.  Super7 said this week expect two more figure variations, Female Combat Engineers and Cobra Snakeling figures, to be heading your way soon.

Go Joe!

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