A new Indiana Jones trailer, and new–and retro–action figures

Along with the latest trailer for the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, this week sees the first look at a new line of action figures for the Raiders of the Lost Ark characters.  Check out the trailer below, and check out the first five six-inch scale action figures from Disney/Hasbro.  There’s one other figure being released, a reproduction of the very first Raiders of the Lost Ark action figure, a Kenner-labeled 3 3/4-inch scale figure of Indiana Jones on a vintage style card.  You can pre-order them all now here at Entertainment Earth and here at Amazon–the best place we’ve found to get well-packaged collectables, along with new poster prints from the franchise.

See details for all of them below.

First, here’s the new trailer:

The six-inch line of figures can be bought as a set or individually.  There’s Indy, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, Belloq, and Nazi Major Arnold Toht.  Each figure includes parts to build the Lost Ark.  From the six-inch scale set, here’s Indiana Jones, which includes five accessories, two pairs of additional hands, and two “Build an Artifact” pieces:

Note the greater articulation compared to the original Kenner figures.  Here’s a look at the box design:

Here’s Marion Ravenwood, with probably the best facial sculpt of the set, including the monkey, a frying pan (to hit someone with), and two pieces of the Ark:

And her box:

John Rhys Davies’ Sallah comes ready to dig up the Ark all by himself.  He includes a shovel and rope and two more pieces of the Ark:

The reverse of the boxes look like this:

Belloq includes his ceremonial staff and two posts to hold the Ark:

And Toht includes several accessories: a removable hat and coat, a pistol, a changeable burnt hand, and changeable melting face, plus two Ark pieces:

The vintage style 3 3/4-inch Indiana Jones is a replica of the rare early, short-lived line of action figures.  He looks just like you remember him.  Pre-order him now here.

There’s a light-up Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, too:

Here are some of the art prints available at Entertainment Earth:

Those posters and more can be found here at Entertainment Earth.  The figures are available for pre-order here at Amazon, too.

All of the figures are expected to ship in the next two months.

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