Strange New Worlds–Star Trek’s best spin-off goes back to the future for second season

Fans of Captain Pike’s “old is new again” Enterprise from the second season of Star Trek: Discovery saw their wishes come true with the first season of the Paramount+ series Strange New Worlds It looks like Paramount is going to stay on-theme as it delivers the second season of the fun, hit series when it returns this summer.  Anson Mount’s Captain Pike, new Number One actor Rebecca Romijn, new Science Officer Spock actor Ethan Peck were matched by a supporting cast of characters who each got to shine thanks to some writing that Star Trek hasn’t seen since the original series.  The second trailer for the second season has landed, and Pike & Co. are joined again by Paul Wesley’s Captain James T. Kirk, returning as a bit more bumbling than we’ve seen him in his other incarnations, along with blast-from-the-past Carol Kane as engineer Pelia, replacing Strange New Worlds′ best character, Bruce Horak’s Hemmer.  The Prime Directive be damned.  The Enterprise crew rides again.

Anyone else think it’s odd that this Captain Kirk says he is “from space”?  Recall William Shatner’s original Kirk remarked he was from Iowa, and only worked in outer space, but the Kelvin timeline Kirk played by Chris Pine was born in space.  We’ve been told we’re in the Prime timeline–could this be a hint at something different?  Or is it an oversight?  Or a simple throwaway remark by a young Kirk?

Check out this new trailer for Season 2 of Strange New Worlds:

Missed the first season?  Check out out our review at borg here.  Check out the first trailer, if you missed it:

How can we have any stakes for all these characters when we know they are going to be around the next 10 years, and we specifically know Pike’s own dark fate?  Look for the answers each week Thursdays beginning June 15, 2023, on Strange New Worlds, on Paramount+.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg


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