Highlights from Planet Comicon 2013 Day One

Wil Wheaton standing room only crowd at Planet Comicon 2013

The biggest and best pop culture and comic book convention in Kansas City’s history was held this weekend as Planet Comicon 2013 filled the Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center with thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of fans of everything from Doctor Who to superheroes, Star Trek and Star Wars, to video games and anime.  It’s first day downtown was a big success with lots of happy fans talking with their favorite comic book and fantasy writers and artists and TV and movie actors.

Here’s a photo gallery of what we saw from Elizabeth C. Bunce’s Booth on Artist’s Row and walking around today.

Meeting Firefly’s Hero of Canton and Chuck’s John Casey–Adam Baldwin.
Our favorite comic book legend, Howard Chaykin, at his first Planet Comicon appearance and first Kansas City show in eight years.
With borg.com writer and author Elizabeth C. Bunce at Booth 545 in Artist’s Alley.
With comics legend Neal Adams, artist on the best Silver Age comic book series ever–Green Lantern/Green Arrow 76-89.

Wil Wheaton at Planet Comicon 2013
The longest lines were for Big Bang Theory’s Wil Wheaton.
Panels with Wheaton and George Takei drew the biggest crowds of the day, filling the big ballroom with a standing room only crowd.
Tough guys Adam Baldwin and Lou Ferrigno had their own end of Celebrity Row.
Fan favorite Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca in Star Wars) returned to Planet Comicon for his third appearance.
Ray Park at Planet Comicon 2013
Star of the new G.I. Joe movie as Snake Eyes and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’s Darth Maul, Ray Park had his first appearance at Planet Comicon today.
Back to the Future DeLorean at Planet Comicon 2013
Back to the Future DeLorean at Planet Comicon 2013.

And it wouldn’t be a Con without lots of fans in costumes.  Here’s who we saw today: 

Don’t Blink, it’s a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Doctor Who represented the biggest grouping of costumes at this year’s show, with many Doctors out and about.
This hawk cawed all day, staying in character well into the evening at the official Con after party at Alamo Drafthouse.
Our own Elizabeth C. Bunce in Marion Ravenwood attire met up with this Indiana Jones walking by the booth today.
Green Arrow costume at Planet Comicon 2013
One of the Green Arrow costumes at this year’s show.
Team Buy More’s Nerd Herd is alive and well, ready to meet Chuck’s Adam Baldwin.
The Justice League plus one Bane. But they had nothing on the Muppets Swedish Chef and Chicken in the background.
Alamo Drafthouse After Party at Planet Comicon 2013
The people behind this year’s Planet Comicon and the Elite Comics crowd at the Planet Comicon after party at Alamo Drafthouse, also attended by the classy Mr. Howard Chaykin (not pictured).

Thanks to everyone who visited the booth and everyone who made Day One of this year’s show a big success.

C.J. Bunce

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